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29b Helen Street Newstead, Brisbane, 4006

You’ve never known luxury like this.

If hardwood floors, urban chic and perfect, uninterrupted views are your cup of tea, you’ve met your match.

Our designers have spent YEARS coming up with the secret formula to perfect city living, and now they’re sharing it with you. Part industrial, part rustic, part modern. Imagine the look on your friends faces when they come over for a raw soy latte.

We’re not talking any old apartment here. We’re talking a stone, wood, brass and glass mansion towering above the city below.

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29b Helen Street Newstead, Brisbane, 4006

Coming soon

From $355,000

Brisbane Building Co.

Alan Johnson & Co

McKinnon Architects

278-squared metres of luxury. All the benefits of apartment living, without the claustrophobic size constraints – this pipe dream is now a reality.

Expecting company? Over 62-squared metres of polished concrete and hardwood dining room, surrounded by commercial-grade, noise-cancelling glass sounds like the perfect place to entertain. Alternatively, why not bring the party onto your very own twelve-metre balcony?

Our architect is just like you. He falls asleep to the clackety-clack of a wooden loom knitting iPad covers out of hemp. He longs to move to California and grow his hair into a cape. He believes Lana Del Ray is the one of the best musical exponents of our generation – especially on vinyl. He didn’t want to interrupt natures natural course by varnishing the flooring. Plus, he hates labels. Why should he put everything into little boxes? But if he had to label these apartments, I guess he’d call them… ‘real’.

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